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In this blog, art works and jewelry, dating from 2300-2400 BC to the present, are shown. All were discovered with great fun by googling the web.

Figure 1. Carved calcite (travertine) bowl, 4th -mid 5th Dynasty, 2500-2400 BC [Ref 1].
Figure 2. Carved relief calcite disc, Sumerian
2350-2300 BC [Ref 2].
Figure 3. Carved Egyptian Calcite Canopic Jar with human headcover, 17thDynasty,
1570-1085 BC [Ref 3], [Ref 4].
Figure 4. Gold earrings with calcite, cloisonne’ enamel, earthenware, and glass from tomb of Tutankhamun, 18thDynasty, 1336-1327 BC [Ref 5}
Figure 5. Egyptian carved calcite onyx lion holding a vessel, 17thDynasty, 525-404 BC [Ref 6].
Figure 6. Calcite-alabaster stele, South Arabian Peninsula, circa 3rdto 1stCentury BC [Ref 7].
Figure 7. Calcite statue of Roman emperor Hadrian, body from 4thCentury AD, base, head, and hands of gilt bronze from Italy. [Ref 8].
Figure 8. Offering vessel of calcite onyx in form of an ocelot,
Teotihuacan Culture circa 400-600 AD [Ref 9].
Figure 9. Frankish Disk Brooch, gold sheet with inlays of calcite, garnet, and glass,
lets 7th Century AD [Ref 10].
Figure 10. Brooch of sterling silver with Mexican chromian green calcite [Ref 11]
Figure 11. Carved calcite onyx apple [Ref 12].
Figure 12. Calcite and mahogany obsidian necklace [Ref 13].
Figure 13. Blue calcite egg [Ref 14].
Figure 14. Carved blue calcite bowl, Argentina [Ref 15]. 
Figure 15. Pin/Pendant of cobaltoan calcite druzy and faceted gemstones [Ref 16]


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