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Do you have a rock (or rocks) you’d like to have identified? Use the form to send a photo and as much information as you have about where it came from, and we’ll try to ID it for you. Would you like to know more about the geology of an area in northern Arizona? Are you curious about the kinds of minerals and rocks you’ve encountered? Do you have a question about the different kinds of lapidary equipment, or how to polish a rock? Need advice on tumbling rocks you’ve collected? Any and all questions related to rockhounding, mineral specimen collecting, lapidary arts or other geology related questions are welcome.


Along with the colors and crystal forms of minerals, their mechanical properties such as the hardness. tenacity, and habits of structural failure can be very useful tools in identifying an unknown mineral. In this first Blog on the use of mechanical properties in identifying minerals I’ll focus on hardness and describe the Moh’s Hardness Scale,. . . Read More

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