Perkinsville Agate Field Trip Report

Linda and I brought some finshed Cabachons to compare to some rough uncut pieces provided by our President and Vice President to our May 18th meeting.

There was a lot of interest though just 8 members were up early on Saturday to meet Linda and I at the Safeway in Williams, the gateway to Perkinsville, and a good place for snacks and rest room stop before heading out for a 40 mile trip to the collecting site, weather was perfect, clear skies, temperatures in the 70’s and a slight breeze made for a very comfortable day in the hills.

The Perkinsvill Agate location has always been a productive source of nice agate with interesting inclusions and color. Our May field trip proved to be just as fruitful, with some surface collecting and digging out larger buried specimens for future cutting and cabbing.

-Martin & Linda Dougherty




3 thoughts on “Perkinsville Agate Field Trip Report

  1. That was a fun and productive trip for those who made the effort. Hopefully someone will cut and shape what they collected and bring it for show and tell. Next Fall we can try again, there is plenty of material there.

  2. .I’M a former member Cindy Munguia, I’m wondering if Brad Bradley, Wayne Scott or anyone from Williams are still members. I live in Williams and don’t have a car to get to get to the meetings. My number is 928-255-8202…

    1. Cindy, All are still members. As far as I know there isn’t anyone coming in from Williams for the meetings.

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