Coconino Lapidary Club




You Might Be a Rockhound



  • you think road cuts are built as tourist attractions.
  • you describe your vacations by the rocks you brought home.
  • the rockpile in your garage is over your head.
  • your PC screen saver features pictures of rocks.
  • you find rocks when you empty your pockets at night.
  • you went to a rock festival and you hate music.
  • you gave rocks, tumblers, or rock tools as gifts.
  • friends say they’re going to Tucson, you assume it’ll be in February.
  • you can find Quartzsite on a map in less than 5 seconds.
  • someone mentions “Franklin” you think of New Jersey rather than Ben.
  • you can pronounce “molybdenite” correctly on the first try.
  • the polished slab on your bolo tie is six inches in diameter.
  • the bookshelves in your home hold more rocks than books; and the books that are there are about rocks.
  • on a trip to Europe, you’re the only member of the group who spends their time looking at cathedral walls through a pocket magnifier.
  • you think you KNOW how to pronounce “chalcedony.”
  • you are thinking about giving out rocks for Halloween.
  • you planted flowers in your rock garden.
  • you purchase things like drywall compound just to have another nice bucket to carry rocks in.
  • the club you belong to uses rocks for center-pieces for the annual Christmas dinner.
  • the first thing you pack for your vacation is a chisel and a hammer.
  • you know what findings are for.
  • you watch the scenery in movies instead of the actors.
  • your company asks you not to bring any more rocks to the office until they have time to reinforce the floor.
  • the local jewelry stores & libraries give out your name for information on rock clubs.
  • you examine individual rocks in driveway gravel.
  • your local rock shops send you get well cards when you don’t stop by in more than a week.

-Courtesy Rockhounding page on Facebook