GOLD II – Artwork

Having greatly enjoyed researching and writing about ancient and recent jewelry in my blog on Garnets (Glorious Garnets) and on silver jewelry in Silver II, I decided to present in this blog, “A Gallery of Ancient Gold Jewelry”, gold coinage and art works from around the world. Despite gold’s tendency to tarnish – its metallic beauty and its workability, stemming from its Mohs softness of 2.5-3, [Ref 1] it has long been a favorite with artisans using techniques such as casting of three-dimensional objects [Ref 2], chasing and repousse’, for the shaping of sheet gold, [Ref 3] and its alloys [Ref 4], and the forming of shapes using filagree and decorating with granulation [Ref 5], as well as the embossing coinage [Ref 6], and as an inlay [Ref 7]. Alloys of gold span the color spectrum offering a palette of colors to the artisan, ranging from purple to red, as well as white. Gold objects fabricated using these techniques comprise this gallery.


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