Ancient Sapphires

In this blog I’m displaying examples of jewelry and art objects from ancient Asia and the Mughal Empire.  I also include examples of jewelry from the Roman Empire and the Medieval Victorian Eras in Europe.


Figure 1.  Sapphire and gold finger ring, Central Asian, circa 4th century BC – 1st century AD [Ref 1].
Figure 2.  Various types of beads found in burial grounds dated to 1000 BC in Sri Lanka [Ref 2].
Figure 3.  Turban ornament set with sapphires, emeralds, rubies, 
from the Mughal Empire, created after 1526 [Ref 3, Ref 4].
Figure 4.  White jade scent bottle set with sapphires, rubies, diamonds, and emeralds set in gold, Mughal Empire,18th/19th century [Ref 5].
Figure 5.  Gold turban ornament set with a sapphire
cabochon with other gems of rubies and emeralds, 
Mughal Empire [Ref 6]


Figure 6.  Roman sapphire cameo with gemstone source attributed to Sri Lanka,
1st century AD [Ref 7].
Figure 7.  Roman sapphire and gold ring, Sri Lankan, circa 1st -2rd century AD [Ref 8].
Figure 8.  Roman sapphire in gold earrings.  The other gemstones are not identified [Ref 9].
Figure 9.  Roman sapphire and gold dress pin carved from a single crystal, 
100-130 AD [Ref 10].
Figure 10.  Roman gold bracelet with sapphire, emerald, and glass settings, 375-400 AD [Ref 11].


Figure 11.  Sapphire and gold ring with beading characteristic of the Viking period, 10th-11th centuries AD [Ref 12].


Figure 12.  Brooch set with sapphires, garnets, pearls, and enameled, German, 1359 AD [Ref 13].

Figure 13.  Carved sapphire seal mounted in enameled gold, England, Circa
1580 AD [Ref 14].


Figure 14.  Sapphire, diamond and gold cross, Russia, 1898 [Ref 15].


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