Coconino Lapidary Club




Quartzite Field Trip


Four members of the club (Linda and Marty Dougherty and John and Beth Duggan) made it down to Quartzite, Arizona for the annual Pow Wow. This show has been held in January for over 50 years. There were over two thousand vendors to visit in the area so there was lots to see and buy.

For the seventh year in a row Linda and Marty attended the annual roadside Clean up in Quartzsite, Arizona sponsored by the Bureau of Land Management and American Lands Access Association. There were club members of other American Federations, Northwest, California, Mid-west and Rocky Mountain, which the Coconino Club is a member.

Twelve of them plus the cameraman drove 10 miles East of Quartzsite to the Gold Nugget Rd.  turn-off and spent a couple hours collecting discarded trash which is apparent in the attached photograph. Not sure how much this years weighed, but in previous years in this area we collected a couple tons of trash, some being really gross!!!!

Marty and Linda are on the left